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For many people, living at a hectic pace is a way of life.  Sometimes it is the reality of a life focused on making a living, running a household, raising children, staying healthy, maintaining relationships, and an endless list of details that come with that.  And for some of us, whether it is our wiring or learned in our environment, it quickly becomes the only thing we know.  Keeping an unending “to do list” can become a source of a vacillating sense of accomplishment and overwhelm…..we revel in the days that we can conquer tasks, and struggle with overwhelm on the days that we can’t achieve closure.  Often described as “Type A”, these are the people you give challenging tasks to because they face all of them undaunted, and will settle for nothing less than success in each one.  Words like “workaholic” or “achiever” come to mind.

With this frenetic lifestyle comes a busy mind, many distractions, and often a disconnect from what a person is really thinking and feeling.  The schedule is the focus, and somewhere along the way, an individual can lose themselves in what they really want. They can get glimpses of a different pace and thought process on occasion…on a long plane ride, while on vacation, or while sitting at one of their children’s activities……but the schedule and list return and so does the race. And the ongoing events provide enough distraction to make even considering whether this is OK almost impossible.  In many cases, they actually can’t imagine another way of being, and there is enough validation of accomplishment along the way to cause a recommitment to this way of life and they continue on.  Soon, it becomes a way they define themselves and they are attached to this self-identity.

But is this a sustainable way of being?  It almost inevitably takes us away from knowing ourselves and in most cases requires or creates unhealthy habits in order to sustain.  The challenge is in redefining an identity not tied to accomplishing the tasks and managing the schedule and focused instead on looking inside……on what things we are doing because we want to, and what we are doing because we have to.  Each person has their own needs to support and care for themselves, and provide for those in their care, but what if everything else were considered optional?  Or what if life’s circumstances….illness, injury, job change…..made it necessary to make a change in the number of commitments you were able to make to others?

At some point, it’s worth considering if this is really allowing you to live a life that is authentically you; one that gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy and appreciate the relationships and life you have created for yourself.  Have you given yourself the option to consider something different?  Maybe you have, and the thought of this change and the resulting redefinition of yourself terrifies you.  It’s understandable……re-considering everything that we think makes us who we are is frightening for anyone.

If any of this resonates with you or makes you curious, then join me in this discussion here on this site……the journey From Type A to Namaste.  Those of you who are “Type A’s” know who you are and in some cases, you wear that label with pride!  You might not even have any interest in making a change.  But I hope you’ll join me in the consideration of thinking about things differently.  As I begin a journey to redefine living a happy, healthy life……somewhat by chance and somewhat by choice….I’ll share thoughts and reflections about the ups and downs, opportunities and challenges, joys and frustrations of a life transition. I invite you to join me.


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