Chris Kann has been a marketing professional for over 35 years and has pursued her interest in personal growth and potential in her roles as Host of the Mind Body Spirit Living show, as the principal of Chris Kann Coaching, and as a partner in And One Insights, LLC, which had the Awareness U mobile apps available on the App Store from 2016-2019.

Chris has a deep commitment to nurturing her own personal journey of self discovery, and offering opportunities for others to be enriched in the many aspects of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.  Many experiences have allowed her to explore her own understanding and opinions about different aspects of  awareness and healing,   She is a Reiki Master, and serves as a Founder and Organizer for a community for personal growth in SE Wisconsin through the 1,500+ member meet-up group Mind Body Spirit Wisconsin.

This site provides an opportunity to reflect and discuss “the Journey From Type A to Namaste”, for those who desire a graceful shifting and transitioning in identity from one of busy-ness and achievement to a more centered, peaceful way of being.  The difficulty of the shift in that re-identification is often underestimated and rarely discussed. This site offers thoughts, images and articles to speak honestly and openly about the transition.

Chris states:  “Because I am sharing my thoughts on the Journey ‘From Type A to Namaste’ doesn’t mean that I feel I have mastered it!  I am writing about it because I have found it to be challenging, and I wanted to start a discussion. I hope that in sharing my thoughts, it can give others who are considering or experiencing this shift an opportunity to not feel alone on the journey.”

More about Chris:

Chris was called to her passion for marketing early on, earning her BBA and MBA degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She worked  in corporate marketing departments for nearly 11 years, in her own market research business, CSK Marketing, Inc. for the last 24 years, and as a career and business coach for the last 7 years.

In June, 2013, she pursued a personal passion and  created  Mind Body Spirit Living, a weekly radio show and podcast on AM1400 WRJN that she hosted, co-produced and marketed.  Now available as podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud, the show is designed to refresh listener’s perspective on healthy and holistic living. Archives and guest info are available at  www.mindbodyspiritliving.com