Make Leaving for Vacation Less Stressful

I am leaving for a week of vacation tomorrow. I will not have access to the internet or cell phone coverage for the majority of the time I am gone. For many of us with Type A tendencies, the anticipation of these circumstances can be downright stressful! While this special time with my family is [...]

Peace in the Sky

Recently I was fortunate to visit Cape Town, South Africa for a family vacation.  Traveling to Cape Town from the Midwestern US is not a minor commitment.  With layovers and time zone changes, it took the better part of two days to get to our final destination.  Our time in Cape Town was nothing short of [...]

Exiting the Building

Over the years I have had many “plans” for how to create balance in my life.  As a business owner, I promised myself that I would take off every Friday afternoon, or that I would take one day a week to do non-work-related activities.  But none of those plans ever worked.  Not even close.  There was [...]

Why the Cover Photo?

Over the course of the last year, I have begun to think very specifically about my desire, or more importantly my need, to make a shift in the pace of my life.  What I found is that often photos capture moments that represent the energy or memory of  a time that I felt present, connected, and peaceful. [...]


When I ask people if they know what the word namaste means, most know this as the closing blessing of a yoga class.  And while this is generally true, that’s not the most important thing to know about the word, nor does it give you true indication of what the meaning is, or why someone [...]